Ensure That Your Brake Components Are Working Properly

Varous brakes

Does it feel like your brake pedal is travelling too far before your car starts to slow down? Perhaps you have to pull your handbrake up further than normal. Both of these are signs that you need to have your brakes looked at by a professional mechanic. The brakes are one of the most important features on our cars and anything wrong with them poses a serious safety threat to you and other road users. They should only be inspected or repaired by trained people and the components checked and measured with the correct equipment once they are dismantled and then reassembled. As brake fluid is hydroscopic, it absorbs moisture and so should be changed every 2 years or 20,000 miles to avoid brake fade and rust from damaging the internal seals.

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In addition to having the skills to carry out all work on your brakes, C & P Motor Services Limited offers a wide range of brakes, from high performance cross drilled discs and racing spec pads, to a budget range to suit all pockets. To have your brakes checked out by a trained and skilled mechanics, call us on the above number. You can also reach us via email by filling in the form on the contact page.