Diagnostics Help To Find Suspected Vehicle Faults

In an age of technologically advanced vehicles with on-board self diagnostic systems, we have various pieces of equipment to access information relating to faults in your vehicle. This enables us to diagnose problems and rectify them, bringing your car back to optimum running condition. Problem solving can also be achieved by manual means, and we can spend the time chasing a fault that many other garages would not want to do. We have a proven track-record of solving unique and frustrating faults on vehicles, often on behalf of others in the trade who recognise the value of utilising our experience.

The latest Bosch, Sun, Snap-on and European On Board Diagnostics (EOBD) are available in our workshop. We have the full support of Auto Data, which gives us all of the up to date info on services as well as special specifications and technical bulletins.

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